NexLog DX-Series PC Screen Recording

Captures all activity on up to six display screens per Workstation

Screen Capture is Eventide’s fastest-growing option for customers who are seeking to drive operational excellence and improve situational awareness. Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solution can capture all activity on up to six display screens connected to each PC.

For performance management goals, PC screen recording can start when a call is delivered to an agent’s position or can be triggered by an event like the keyboard being used. The agent’s performance can then be quantified using Eventide’s Quality Assurance DX software to grade both their verbal skills and their data entry skills with CAD, EMD, or other important software.

For situational awareness, many of our customers choose full time screen recording to capture all screen activity—regardless of whether an agent is on a call or not. This is particularly helpful when the organization needs to prove what was happening at a particular time or event. When AVL or RMS screens are captured, users can later review where the critical resources were located during an incident. Full time screen capture also helps organizations by documenting that standard operating procedures are being properly followed between incidents.

Screen Recording Software for Air Traffic Control

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solutions can also provide screen recording for Air Traffic Control centers and Airspace Navigation centers. The NexLog recorder’s economical software-based screen recording option provides synchronized recording and replay of screens and audio at Controller Working Positions (CWP). Eventide’s screen recording options support both Windows and Linux PCs.