At IRIS, we take pride in providing digital identification solutions that are secure, durable, innovative, and tamper-evident.

We offer a winning edge in the perpetual race between security and fraud through wide-ranging and complete trusted identity ecosystems covering the production of ISO/IEC compliant documents and credentials, personalisation, enrolment, issuance, lifecycle management, eID card software, smart card readers, and handheld solutions, biometrics, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and control systems.

Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance means consistently performing durability tests on our ID cards, conforming to ISO/IEC 10373 and ISO/IEC 24789 standards, to ensure high reliability and availability of compliant cards.

We also provide a Digital ID solution, an important enabler for access to public and personal services, and a channel for fostering financial freedom as well as social and economic inclusion.