Protecting borders – land, air and sea – from the illegal entry of people, weapons, drugs, contraband and from terror attack is vital to the security as well as economic prosperity any State. Nowadays, however, that protection has become increasingly complex and difficult with unexpected influx of “irregular” migrants, unauthorised overstays, cross-border terrorism and crime. Adding to these complexities are record volumes of trade and travel, new and evolving security threats, tightening budgetary constraints, and a complex and shifting mix of opportunities and risks.

To ensure secure, automated and seamless border control, IRIS’ Border Control Solution introduces on-the-move journey, a shift from physical to digital identities that will revolutionise border control and automate passenger flow facilitation by integrating various technologies including multi-modal biometrics (fingerprints, facial and/or iris recognition), risk assessment engine (RAE) and Big Data for managing entry/exit (land, sea and air) without compromising sovereignty and security.

Our scalable Border Control Solution accelerates border crossings by combining smart eGates, hybrid eGates, self-service kiosks, mobile border control counters and portable devices options that are efficiently managed by our intelligent Border Control Management System. Governments around the world trust our solution to better protect their borders with smarter immigration control and reduced terrorism, which ultimately contribute to economic growth and stability.