Our comprehensive eVisa solution provides travellers and visa issuing authorities with a more timely, efficient and secure solution for electronic visa application and management options. Easily integrated with existing visa procedures and systems, our eVisa solution enables systems to automate the process for the lodgement, acceptance and verification of a passenger’s authorisation to travel to a State.

Covering visa label production, enrolment, payment, issuance, application approval, personalisation and quality control and inventory, visa issuers can rest assured they have an end-to-end Visa system with our eVisa solution. Added with layers of security, our eVisa system can be interfaced with other systems and databases (e.g. API and iAPI, national and international watchlists, INTERPOL SLTD, Risk Assessment Engine (RAE)) to ensure a faster, smarter, safer tourist and visitor arrivals to directly benefit local economies.