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Today R.I.S.K. Company has 200 specialists serving companies and organizations throughout the region. Our personnel are trained and certified by the world’s leading hardware and software vendors. At the present time R.I.S.K. Company offers you the following solutions:


  • IT Consulting & System Integration
  • Application Development
  • GIS / Engineering
  • Help Desk & IT-outsourcing


Egyptian Advanced Systems and Technologies (EAST) is the only agent of R.I.S.K. in Egypt.

In 5/4/2023 R.I.S.K. awarded a contract with the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation for Modernization of MAPS and Navigational Charting and Covering the Remarks of AIP for 18 months duration.

R.I.S.K. mission:

To provide integrated solutions for safety and efficiency of Air Navigation.

To foresee your future needs and satisfy them with unified aeronautical solutions.


R.I.S.K. offer an advanced package of aeronautical applications for:

Civil Aviation Authorities

Air traffic services

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Services.

Aeronautical Information Services.

Airspace and flight procedure Designers

Aerodrome Operators

Aircraft Operators



Continuous growth in air traffic flows places new tasks for Air Navigation Services. Such rapid increase in Air traffic density enhances the concerns of National Aviation Authorities and ATC over safety and efficiency issues.

New principles of airspace organization such as conditional use of airspace and the concepts of direct routes such as Conditional routes are being implemented to ensure safety and efficiency of flight operations.

ATC needs a new generation automation systems enabling to provide solutions adequate to real time air traffic solutions for successful realization of new ATM approaches.

R.I.S.K. follow the intellectual system design concept in the development of aeronautical applications enabling to analyze the current situation and find out non-obvious solutions even in the worst aeronautical conditions,

R.I.S.K. company regularly extends the package of aeronautical applications thus contributing to the ”gate to gate” concept of modern aviation . R.I.S.K. Aeronautical SW systems are being used by flight procedure and air space designers, ATC services, airport services, AIS, and divisions of aeronautical Cartographers. All the R.I.S.K. SW systems possess a common operating environment and data model that ensures their operational compatibility.

Another advantage of the R.I.S.K. system is the compliance of their common aeronautical information database (AID) with the AICM/AIXM model that allows the operation with a third-party system.


The specific character of R.I.S.K. products are:

  • Traceability of generated solutions.
  • Documentation of each user action.
  • Assurance of data integrity


A chain of SW systems developed by R.I.S.K. covers following fields of air navigation

  • PANDA – Instrument Flight Procedure Design System
  • OMEGA – Obstacle Control System
  • ACCENT -  Aeronautical Charting System
  • DELTA  -   Airspace Design System
  • ADM  - Aeronautical Data Administration 


R.I.S.K. is one of the most successful companies in the region providing different integrated solutions for government, telecom service providers, regularity organizations, etc. These solutions cover a large range of customer needs: from creating corporate IT and communication architectures to the delivery of business applications.

One of the important and growing fields of R.I.S.K. operations is the development of automated Aeronautical solutions. These solutions have been actively marketed starting from 2005 and during the past period, a chain of aeronautical applications intended for cartographers, procedure, and air space designers are implemented in Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan,  Belarus, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Moldavia, Nigeria, Qatar, Thailand, UAE, Russian Federation and Lithuania.

R.I.S.K. has ISO 9001 since 2003.