Build Your Automated System .

Build Your System.


EAST¬†utilizes today’s automation computer technology to build powerful, upgradable, easy to use and cost-effective solutions that match exactly what you need not less or more. You can have the highest storage and communication capabilities at affordable cost and interface with your instrument on your network. We can build solution using industrial touch screens or let you use your computer or tablet to interface with it. Get a solution with your own language and an interface of your own design. Opportunities are endless – you just need to tell us what you are looking for.

The idea is simple: The inputs can represent time, vision, pressure, temperature, strain or any value of interest to your application. Through applying various sensors/channels, it is possible to input any combination of these values. These data are acquired through the Data Acquisition (DAQ) Hardware interface controlled by our own developed software that can detect, store, analyze and plot/print. Data could then be automatically/manually real time transmitted to remote locations and/or uploaded onto a web interface. In addition, control signals can be createdand fed back to the system.